Saturday, 28 December 2013

Getting an extension

I love this season, the Christmas season that is, and all that it brings. Not all of it may be good, but its all good for us. 

Hubby asked me yesterday when I'm going to box everything up, I told him I at least want to wait for January. I love all the lights, the smells of evergreen, the colours, the nativity scenes, the lights of candles representing the light of Jesus in our lives. I love that during most of advent the kids don't go down to the nursery and Sunday school but we all stay together and they are involved in the story of Jesus by being in the play and lighting candles and doing readings. Their innocent faces, and souls really, are a magical thing. 

I get where hubby is coming from too, though, he want more room in the living room to play with all his - er BIG C's - new toys :)
Santa really was far too good to us this year. Under the tree was overflowing with goodies - mostly for BIG and little C. 

This was one of little Cs gifts - new sippy cups. I never found ones like this for BIG C, they may leak a bit when tipped but it makes it much easier for the little guy to start learning. Got to love IKEA. I didn't even have to build these myself :) that shelf on the other hand, well its still in the box!

This was the first year I hosted and made Christmas dinner - couple of burns from being hasty but for the most part I came out unscathed. 
I definitely could not have done it without hubby, he was a huge help from cooking sausage and bacon (with a little taste testing to be sure it was safe for guests) to ripping bread for stuffing and pouring me a BIG glass of wine and having a few beers himself. 

He even helped to keep the boys busy and taste test for safety while I made these;
Christmas makes us (or me at least) look at our lives a little closer. Are we living the life we want to, are we the person we'd hoped to be, the one we hope our children will be?

I know I'm not there yet, but that's why I also love that this time to reflect upon ourselves and our life is so close to the new year. A great opportunity to come up with resolutions and ways to accomplish them. 

Here's a great page to fill out I saw on Pinterest. 
These will be filled out and posted in our house :)

And while your at it celebrate with one of these yummy treats!

So, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season and extend it as long as you can!

Until we meet again. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What would you have?

Today I read a Facebook post on my newsfeed, a woman I follow. She is brave, and strong, and happy, and wise, and most of all open and compassionate. I don't know her really, but I know her enough to know her words are helping me. 

On more than one occasion I've read her words, thinking to myself 'wow, she just knew what I needed today'. We are not in the same place in our lives, at all really, and that's ok too, but I still connect with her. 

You know how you read or hear about someone who was having a tough time, a low moment (or consecutive moments) and one little thing changed their life dramatically - turned their life around, they may have even found their purpose in life? Their 'ah-ha' moment?
I always thought that was mostly a load of B.S. honestly. How can you know you're having a moment like that? It's just a moment. 

When I read her words, I feel like I could have those moments too. Maybe I am, I don't think I'll know for sure until later. 

Until then you should check out her writings here:
And here:

These are the words that stuck with me today. 

Photo from 

So tonight I'm going to close my eyes and tell God how thankful I am for his blessings, because its been awhile - a long while. 

It take 21 (or 28 depending on what you read) days to create/break a habit. This will be my day 1 - here's hoping it turns out better than my own photo challenge. 

What would you have tomorrow?

Until we meet again. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Grief to Holiday Gratitude

Last year, at this time, I did a photo challenge. I love photography, any kind of capturing the moment on any kind of device.

I hope my family loves it and doesn't think it's as much of a 'bother' down the road when they get to look back!

Here is the challenge I participated in last year from Lulabelle Blog

I loved taking part in it, so I was searching for one a little different this year. Last minute of course, as per my usual style!
I couldn't find quite what I wanted so